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The Solid Fuel Market is ever evolving, and with this evolution Kosy King can offer you a High Quality, Flexible partnership that aims to maximise your sales within the solid fuel sector.

Kosy King presents you with Clean, Convenient and easy to manage prepacked bags that range through 10kg, 20kg, 25kg and 40kg.

What Kosy King can offer you as a distributor is High Quality Solid Fuels that are well branded, with a name you can trust. We can offer a full range of Marketing and advertising material which will not only enhance your fuel business, but bring an element of professionalism and quality of appearance to your forecourt/shop. The will help maximise profitability throughout your range and enhance your reputation as a supplier of high quality solid fuels.

Kosy King are currently looking for more prepacked solid fuel distributors to join our evergrowing portfolio. To find out more about how your company can be added to this list of successful companies you can call a member of the team on 0044 (0) 28 867 62103 or email your interest by clicking here.


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